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Follow These Steps To Prepare Your Belongings For Storage

Avoid damage to your belongings by following these careful packing and storage tips from Store & Stack Self Storage.

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When storing furniture remember to empty all contents from draws to stop items from rolling around during transit and becoming damaged, this also makes them lighter and easier to move. For wooden or glass furniture, wrap the items in soft moving blankets to avoid scratches or chips to the glass or varnish coats.

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Dishes and Glassware

Dishes and other glassware can become easily damaged during transit so it is essential to take proper care when packing them. Individually wrap each item in bubble wrap, carefully place them in a box and fill the gaps with paper. They should snugly fit in the box to avoid them moving and breaking during transit.


Technical Devices

When storing technical devices such as TV’s and computers, the best practice is to put them in their original boxes, or one of a similar size if you no longer have them and tape of all the gaps to ensure no dust gets in. You should also remove batteries from remotes to avoid them leaking and causing damage to your electrical equipment.

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The appliance that needs the most preparation for storage is your refrigerator. The first step is to empty, defrost and dry your fridge and freezer to avoid water damage and mould building up. When it comes to actually storing the fridge, store it upright and leave the door ajar to avoid smell and mould from developing.

lawn mower

Machinery and Mowers

When storing any type of machinery ensure you wash off any dirt that may have built up on the item, and ensure all grass catchers have been emptied to prevent any damage to the inside of the machinery. Also ensure that all fuel tanks have been emptied before storing as this can become a potential fire hazard.

Cleaning bottles and scrubbing brush

Bathroom Goods

and Cleaning Products

When storing items such as soaps, detergents and shampoos you should take care to ensure they don’t leak and individually wrap each item in plastic and stand them upright and keep them isolated from other items.

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