Best Travel Destinations for the Solo Traveller

Best Travel Destinations for the Solo Traveller

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Solo travel can be incredibly rewarding. People who travel on their own can go where they wish. They can also leave everything behind in Self Storage Tauranga and head out for a personalized adventure. The savvy solo traveller will find many places are happy to host them with special accommodations and other amenities designed for their personal needs.

Cayman Islands

Friendly locals and ease of transportation have long made this location a favourite for the solo traveller. The islands offer endless opportunities to relax in the sun and admire one of the loveliest parts of the Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach has lots of places to stretch out with a good book and find true relaxation. The islands have beautiful offshore waters that teem with wildlife. Take your snorkelling equipment out of Self Storage Tauranga and see for yourself what lies just a short distance offshore.

cayman islands


This small island nation can easily be seen in a single trip. For solo travellers, Iceland has plenty of possible experiences. The mild climate means no reason to pack lots of clothing. Dip your toe in one of the island’s many hot springs. Active volcanoes can be seen close up while activities such as hiking are widely available for any sized group.

northern lights in Iceland

New York City

New York City is the city of art, culture, finance and many other activities. Solo travellers will find the city lets them take in many different cultural treats from Broadway shows to the art museums of Soho. Hail a cab or head underground to take a subway. The city is a source of endless delight for people who love vibrant places.

new york skyline

Paris, France

The wonders of this magnificent city are an ideal place for solo exploration. Paris can be walked on foot, making it possible for the traveller to see some of the world’s most acclaimed locations in person. A Paris Museum Pass enables the traveller to have access to world-class art from many varied periods. Have a pain au chocolate with a cup of coffee at a famous cafe. The people-watching opportunities are incredible.


San Francisco

One of the cultural capitals of the United States, San Francisco is full of wonderful nooks and crannies. Put your things in Self Storage Tauranga and grab a cable car to climb one of the city’s famous hills. The city’s Chinatown is right for a fast, delicious and authentic lunch. Make your own sandwich with a loaf of sourdough and some locally caught fish. Just make sure you bring protective clothing against the ever-changing local weather conditions.

golden gate bridge


Sydney has emerged as one of the world’s most cherished destinations in recent decades. Now, more than ever, the solo traveller can take full advantage of this growing community. If you love the water, head straight for Sydney Harbor. The Royal Botanical Gardens offer an oasis of calm in a busy city and many plantings from across the globe. The city is there for the intrepid, well-prepared solo traveller. For more travel and lifestyle tips, follow the Self Storage Tauranga blog page.

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