Top Road Trip Destinations on New Zealand’s North Island

Top Road Trip Destinations on New Zealand’s North Island

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If you love road trips and adventure and you are up for a challenge, then New Zealand’s North Island ought to be on your bucket list. Did you know New Zealanders are also called Kiwis? Not a fruit but the flightless bird. Driving around New Zealand is an adventure that helps you see these birds and the rolling hills. This adventure takes you along the rocky coast and of course through the winding mountain paths. Here are our favourite New Zealand road trip destinations from Store and Stack Self Storage Tauranga.

North Island of New Zealand

Auckland to Cape Reinga

The suggested period is three to four days. Some of the finest and beautiful landscapes in this country are north of Auckland. You can see them clearly on a road trip between the ninety-mile Beach and the topmost part of New Zealand. As you navigate to the north of Auckland, make sure you go to the seaside town – Paihia. It is the gateway towards the bay of islands, which is made up of one hundred and forty-four islands. I’m sure the first thing that comes in mind after one sees these islands is the Whitsundays. You clearly picture coastline roads, blue waters and green countryside.

Paihia is an adorable site to swim with dolphins and explore the Waitangi Treaty Grounds- the roots of New Zealand’s founding documents. In Paihia, you should sail around the island and visit the ill-famed Hole in the Rock. From there, take a ferry to the renowned island town of Russell, then to the Pipi Parch Bar which is at the base Bay of islands. The hostel has a campervan option- park up and go, which means you can use the facilities of the hostel as you sleep in your campervan.

You can also go to Cape Reinga, the most popular spot for taking a walk to lighthouse and sand boarding. You also get a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. If you travel inland, you see the ancient waterfalls and Kauri Forests. There are also tour guides who can help you reach the rock jumping spots and great natural rock pools.

Cape Reinga NZ


This is a two hours’ drive from Auckland. You can do scuba diving in the marine reserves or watch sea creatures.

Whangarei Falls New Zealand


Paihia is forty minutes from Kawakawa. It is a scenic place that you should visit while on a road trip.

Bay of Plenty

Tongariro National Park

In this country, you not only see active volcanoes and island sanctuaries but also wildlife. In New Zealand, Tongariro is one of the oldest national parks. UNESCO acknowledged Tongariro national park as one of the world’s heritage sites of mixed natural and cultural values. It was the 6th national park to be established worldwide. There are three active volcanic mountains- Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu that are centrally located in this park. Here, you get to see different types of plants and wildlife, including the rare endemic species like the brown kiwi and blue duck. Other activities you can do in this park include horse riding, hunting, game fishing, rafting, mountain biking, and scenic flights.

Tongariro national park

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