Streamlining the Moving Process with Pets

Streamlining the Moving Process with Pets

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Moving is often a great thing. People move from college to their first apartment.
They go from an apartment to a dream house. Or they leave one city to go to
another for a better opportunity at work. No matter how happy a move is, however,
the process itself is generally kind of a pain, but Self Storage Tauranga can help make
this process more painless. The logistics of moving are no fun for anyone. That’s
doubly true when there are pets involved. Luckily, Self Storage Tauranga can
make any move with pets much easier.

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Changes in the Storage World

Todays’ self-storage landscape is dynamic. The storage industry has grown as
Australians have become more mobile, moving longer distances for reasons of work
and education. Many of these moves are just short-term. These changes mean that
the storage industry has had to be adaptable to the new needs of storage

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Moving with pets is a great example of this. It’s difficult to move a pet. Pets have
many needs and equipment that has to move with them. However, not all of it has
to move in the short term. Two great examples of this are those classic Australian
companion pets, cats and dogs.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Moving with Cats and Dogs

When you’re moving for a new job, you often have to move fast. It’s important to
hit the ground running. That can mean getting to a new city quickly. It’s unlikely
that anyone is going to leave their beloved pet behind. Maybe with a trusted friend
or relative for a week or two. But in most cases, the dog or cat is going with its
family. Priorities are important in a move. For example, a litter box and a small bag of litter
are more than likely to make the move. But a large cat tree is less likely to make
the cut, especially if the move is only short-term. Of course, no one wants to throw
their cats’ favourite plaything away. Particularly if they’ll be back at home in 3, 6 or
12 months.

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This is where Self Storage Tauranga comes in. We provide secure storage for items
like dog houses, extra dog beds and cat trees. For contractors and project
managers leaving home to go to a temporary corporate apartment, these services
can be a lifesaver. And when these professionals get back home, their items are
right where they left them, in the same condition. In other cases, people decide to
pack a portable storage container and leave it with us short-term. When they’re
ready, we ship their items to them. With Self Storage Tauranga, no matter what
kind of move it is, we can make it easier. Let us provide you with a quote today.


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