Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

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When it comes to designing a home’s interior, many people look for sources of inspiration from trends. Designers can show the way to a lovelier and more inviting interior. Let these trends be inspiration for your own personal style. Brighten your home with wonderful ideas from Store and Stack Self Storage Tauranga, including graphic patterns, florals, vibrant jewel tones and beds that cocoon you in warmth.

Graphic patterns

Bold graphic patterns are a break from the ordinary. Designers are using them to create movement in spaces that might otherwise feel bland boring. They’re using all kinds of graphics from varied eras. If you like sixties mod style, this time to bring them out because they’re in fashion again. Graphic patterns are ideal in rooms that might not otherwise have much appeal. They’ll bring in a style and let the room have much needed personality.

colourful interior design

Flowers everywhere

Flowers are inviting. They’re full of colour and scent. If you are looking for a way to bring them home, designers today are right there with you. They’re using flowers in every room in the home. You can do the same. Floral wallpapers offer a delicate background for your favourite things. Designers are using flowers in other ways as well. They’re using easy stencils to unite one room and the next. A flowing pattern of ribbons and flowers is easy to do and requires little more than a handful of materials to complete to perfection.

floral interior design

Rich jewel tones

Jewel tones are also taking centre stage in modern design. Glossy shades like rich emerald, shimmering amethyst and glamorous navy are at the very heart of modern colour trends today. They’re bringing them home and showing how to make any space feel like a jewellery box. You can use the same trend in your own spaces. Bring on the beautiful dark curtains for a dramatic feel. Add cushions on the sofa for additional colour that says this is a place for formal gatherings. A rug in a tone of this kind also says instant luxury.

deep blue interior design

Inviting beds

Beds are increasingly being seen as a place to retreat from the world. Designers are showing beds that let people block out the light, noise and cares of the day. Large beds with four posters and other details are completely in fashion. They’re also showing beds with lots of fabric on the bed and sides. Canopies are romantic and beautiful. Add a canopy to your bed at home. Drape your favourite fabric across the top and let it cascade down the sides and pool on the bedroom floor. The look is one that every homeowner can bring inside with ease.

Amethyst Interior Design Trends

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Storage is a must for the modern homeowner. Designers are increasingly making sure that Store and Stack Self Storage Tauranga solutions are available in each room. Store and Stack Self Storage Tauranga make it possible for people to stay organised. Making use of each space in the home means making sure that all rooms have enough storage space.

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