Increase Your Home’s Value with Home Renovations

Increase Your Home’s Value with Home Renovations

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Home renovations can significantly improve your property’s value. But not all projects prove beneficial when it comes to recouping your initial investments. We’ve compiled a list of five ideal home renovation projects from Self Storage Tauranga that are guaranteed to raise your property’s value.

Increase Indoor Space with an Open Floor Plan

a beautiful home with an open floor space

Walls can make a room seem cramped and congested. As a homeowner, consider knocking off some walls that obstruct your sight to create an open plan living. Not only will it improve your interior aesthetics but it also brightens up any space leaving your room feeling larger and spacious. For an added effect, you can substitute knocked down walls with glass or half walls to help distinguish room boundaries. This is a cost-effective way of improving your interior space and home value. On that note, renovating common areas, such as your living room can leave the place in disarray. Self Storage Tauranga provides comprehensive storage solutions during your home renovations.

Add More Bathrooms

a simple white bathroom with a bath tub

Having more than one bathroom in the home can significantly increase your home’s value as well as provide an extra sanitary station to guests that visit your home. Consider making use of any unused spaces by remodelling it into a bathroom if the space requirements meet. For example, one can add a master bathroom to their bedroom and equip it with decent decorations, such as marble or limestone counters, tiles, and glass to enhance the home value. We understand how disorganized a site can be during a home renovation process, which is why using a self-storage facility, such as Self Storage Tauranga is an essential idea to keeping your belongings safeguarded during your home remodelling phase.

Building an Outdoor Area

two green reclining chairs in an outdoor area

The addition of outdoor amenities to your yard is an ideal way to increase your home value and develop its features. Consider adding a deck or patio and couple it with seats, a shade, and some tables to complete the look. More so, placing a fire pit or grill onto your deck can be a fitting addition to hosting BBQ and outdoor cookouts with family and friends. Use durable materials, such as PVC, Cedar pressure-treated wood, or aluminium to increase the longevity of your deck as well as make it look more appealing.

Improve Landscape and Curb Appearance

a simple house with a stunning curb appeal

Landscaping can drastically improve your home value by up to 20% and can make your yard look more attractive and inviting with more colour and vegetation. Consider purchasing some treelings, flower beds, and plants to furnish your front yard with a blend of attractive hues. Not only do trees and flowers improve the quality of air within your property but they also help save energy costs by acting as shades and air-conditioners during hot and humid weather.

Update Your Kitchen

an industrial style modern kitchen

Remodelling your kitchen is an excellent way to add value to your property. Consider upgrading your countertops with attractive materials such as granite, marble, metal, or limestone. Furthermore, opt to change kitchen sinks, burners, lighting, and appliances with newer alternatives to keep your kitchen modern and updated. As you renovate, it’s a great idea to keep your belonging somewhere safe. Self Storage Tauranga provides satisfactory storage solutions at cost-effective prices.

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