Give Your Home a Beach Themed Makeover

Give Your Home a Beach Themed Makeover

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The beach is a place where many people find they can truly relax. Make the most of your time at the beach by heading to Self Storage in Tauranga and taking out your surfboard and other pieces of hobby equipment. Enjoy the sun and the sand and head to your favourite stretch of perfection. For many people, not only is the beach a place to enjoy life. It’s also a place to look to for decorating inspiration. If you’ve been thinking about giving your home a beach themed makeover, you’ll find it easy with a few simple design choices.

A Ship’s Interior

Traveling on and boating is what many people do when they are at the beach. Look at the boat you’re storing in Self Storage in Tauranga. Note all the terrific details and use them for inspiration. The rigging you use to hold up the sails can be applied at home to hold up your favorite white curtains. A set of oars can be repainted and then set on top of your fireplace to make it pop with color and recall your many days at the shore. Take a life jacket and put it up on the kid’s walls for a fun detail they’ll love.

Coastal inspired living room

Beachy Hues

The beach is all about a series of certain colors. You can take these colors as a source for your own personal beach home look. Different colors of blue remind people of the ever-changing blues they see every single time they look at the shore. Take these same blue shades and apply them to the walls of your home. A bright shade of turquoise calls to mind the limpid feel of beaches in warmer destinations. Add contrast with a shade of much darker blue. Add lots of contrast with shades of white that you can apply next to the blue spaces.

Beach inspired entertainment and living area

Add Charming Details

A beach look tends to be all about the use of detail. You want to take those details and use them effectively. For example, beach rugs are often made of materials that are designed to repel sand and be easy to clean at the same time. You can use those same kinds of rugs that you see in a beach home rental in your own home. A set of rugs made from materials like tightly woven sisal is not only beautiful and modern. It’s also one way to bring out that lively beach style at home.

Beach themed living room

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