Adding a Seasonal Style to your Home this Fall

Adding a Seasonal Style to your Home this Fall

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Self Storage Tauranga

a festive sign on the table that says "hello fall"

It’s great to get ready for the next season. You need some great ideas to decorate for every room and outdoors. However, sometimes you’re slow at changing out the season because you lack enough storage, let us help. Self-Storage Tauranga has a place for you to store all the seasonal decorations.

Self Storage Tauranga is a facility that is available 24/7. It’s complete with a coded gate entry, a camera on-premises, an electric perimeter fencing and security alarms for your protection. You have access to the facility on your time schedule.

The great thing about storage for the seasons is everything is located in one place. Being able to access the facility after hours is perfect for the busy person. People can have a little or a lot of decorations, it doesn’t matter when there’s room for it all. That’s exactly why we offer a range of storage units in different sizes and prices.

Decorating your office for fall is a great idea. With Self Storage Tauranga, your décor can be stored and protected till the next season. Office storage is usually in short supply and room. Using an affordable unit will free up valued space in your office.

Take the Worry Out of Decorating at Home or Office

a festive fall decoration with a lamp and pumpkins on the dining table

Everyone has different times to decorate for the fall, however, you may want to get a head start on the season. September or October begins the fall season decorating time. This is the fun part of the season. Being able to decorate with something new and exciting.

Decorating with the flameless or LED candles will take the worry out of where you can put the fabulous candles. A soft candlelight adds amazing beauty to any table or countertop. Bring the fall beauty of the changing colors of leaves. The amazing colors that are vibrant, stunning and tell us the season is changing.

Wreaths are easy to make and provide a way to group the colors with mums and pumpkins. I’ve heard that you never can have too many pumpkins of different sizes and colors. Placing a few small hay bales in the corner with an array of fall flowers and of course pumpkins scattered around will be perfect.

Cozy Fall Lights

fall garland lights and a lamp on the porch fence

Lanterns with flameless or LED candles are beautiful and always fun to see the different fall items placed inside with the candles. For your desk place a lantern with candles and a spray of fall flowers and leaves with the ribbon to match that cascade down one side. It’s simply amazing how much easier it is when you know you have a place to store your decorations the next season.

When you’re asked how in the world do you store all your decorations each year, refer them to our facility. Self Storage Tauranga offers spacious storage to store season after season of decorations. You can tell them how convenient it is to put one season in and take the other season out all organized in boxes and marked for time-saving purposes. It cuts your decorating time in half.

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