7 Effective Home Staging Ideas

7 Effective Home Staging Ideas

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The idea behind staging your home is to make it appealing to buyers and increase its market value. When staging your home, start with curb appeal, as the first impression matters, and move on to the interiors. There are no home staging rules – imagine you are a buyer and walk around the house, making everything look impeccable.

If your house is not on sale, the staging tips below will help you keep your home looking great.

Deep Clean

a female cleaner wiping the table

You might clean every day, but do you scrub the walls and the floor? Scuffed-up walls and stains on surfaces will chase prospective buyers away. Stains make new home appliances, and surfaces appear old and worn out. Move from room to room deep cleaning the walls, floor, and the ceiling. Be sure not to leave any cleaning smells as the buyer will have the impression that you are hiding something.

Declutter your Home

a father teaching his young daughter to declutter

A minimalist design creates an illusion of space even in small rooms while a cluttered home looks squeezed for space. Because every homeowner wants space, declutter your home. You can use Self Storage Tauranga to store bulky items that clutter your home before moving into your new home. Once you have decluttered your home, it is easier to stage your home as you can see areas that need a fix.

De-personalize your Home

a woman placing a throw pillow on her sofa

Prospective buyers need to imagine living in every room in your home. No matter what length you went to personalize your home, not everyone will love your taste. Where you have your photographs, they need to imagine hanging a painting. Remove photographs and everything else you have on walls – it is also a way to declutter the house and create an illusion of space.

Add Mirrors

a big gold plated mirror hung on the wall of a livingroom

Once you declutter your home and store your items in a Self Storage Tauranga, you need to make the room appear larger and brighter. Besides removing the drapes and ensuring there is enough light, adding mirrors also does the magic. The reflective nature of mirrors makes the rooms appear bright and larger than they are.

Upgrade Rugs and Curtains

a soft white carpet with zigzag designs in a livingroom

Rugs and curtains should match the furniture in your room. Choose rugs that are not too small to complement the style of your room. A good-sized rug should touch the front legs of your seats. Get curtains that complement the furniture and the rugs, and this gives your prospective buyers a chance to envision living in the house. The complementary and good–sized rugs and curtains also make the rooms appear larger.

Reorganize Bookcases and Closets

organized bookshelves in a grunge style living room

After tidying up everywhere, organize your bookcases and closets. Ensure the cases, and the cabinets are only halfway organized (do not clutter them) to make them appear larger than they are. On the bookcases, you can add a few trinkets that act as accents and bookends.

Go Neutral

a well arranged neutral home

Taking your large items to a Self Storage Tauranga lets you see which parts of your home need repairs, painting, and fixes. When painting walls and changing things in your home, always choose a neutral color and allow buyers to imagine their color.

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